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These banks can help you save big on your flight ticket.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Have you ever felt daunted by all the offers that the airlines & the Online Travel Agents (OTA)? We all get bombarded by different offers daily everywhere, on our emails, as push notifications, as ads etc. and yet, most of them don't seem to work or come with a caveat?

I have been there & have faced all of it and that's why I decided to collate the list of most trustworthy offers that you can avail while booking your next flight.

I am restricting this blog to only Bank discounts & offers as there are hardly any discounts that are better than the cashback being offered by banks just to use their card while making the payment.

I will cover the OTAs loyalty program & all other discounts in my next blog. For easy spotting & understanding, I have used an excel sheet so that you can quickly find the information you are looking for. Simply check for your bank card & it's category, the day you can use it, the offer it is extending to you. I have intentionally added two more columns category & booking mode as most of the offers aren't valid on website & on debit cards. Please ensure you read through every column carefully before making a purchase. Also, do not forget to input the promo code. It is the last column & you need to insert this code before making the payment to know your final amount.

Most of the banks in India have tied up with Online Travel Agents like Make My Trip, Goibibo & Yatra for exclusive discounts. Will also cover some other sites that are giving good discount on every booking. 

Starting with Goibibo, here are the bank discounts for both flight & hotel bookings on specific days. Goibibo fares really well on the charts as it has partnered with almost all leading banks. It also runs an unparalleled loyalty program. They have beautifully tied the points to goCash+ rewards & the benefits are in the likes of free meals, free seats etc.

Make My Trip (MMT) stands seconds with respect to the banks they have tied-up with. Although GoIbibo is a Make My Trip company now, they are operating as independent entities and the Goibibo stands victorious and has managed to maintain the enviable position for a long time now. MMT does have a wallet & they seem to be generously giving the wallet rewards but it cannot be used in full.

The third in line is Yatra which is one of the most preferred portal for B2B bookings. HDFC seems to have executed the partnership with every Online Travel Agent (OTA) and that's the only one Yatra currently has on their platform. They do have other e-cash discounts.

There are a lot of other discounts & rewards that are run by all of these Online Travel Agents. Some of them are pure wallet discounts & others can be affiliate partner discount or cashbacks but before you hit the 'book now' button, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

I shall be covering the wallet discounts and how you can gain big rewards & save on your flight tickets in my next blog. Affiliate partners help you to get good cashback & discount at the same time. To know more about it, click here.

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