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Dineout Gourmet Passport Vs Zomato Gold

In my previous posts, I discussed the benefits of owning a Zomato Gold subscription & Dineout Gourmet Passport. In this post, I would like to cover the distinction points as I have often been asked about which one is better.I am hopeful these points would help you make a more informed decision.

Advantages of Zomato Gold over Dineout Gourmet Passport

1. Zomato Gold provides 1+1 on the full food menu that includes appetisers, small bowls, main course, desserts etc. while Dineout’s Gourmet Passport restricts it to main-course.

2. Zomato Gold proves beneficial if you often travel, as your same gold subscription stays valid in multiple cities which isn’t the case with Gourmet Passport. You need to buy specific city packs with the latter. Also, Zomato has deeper reacher in terms of the number of cities where Zomato gold can be availed. This is one of the biggest drawbacks with Dineout Gourmet Passport.

3. You can do limitless redemption with Zomato Gold, but Gourmet Passport has a restriction of 3 unlocks.

4. Zomato has deeper & wider tie-ups in every city, i.e. it offers a variety of restaurants of almost every range. Dineout’s reach is still isn’t as impressive as Zomato.

If you are looking to signup for Zomato Gold, use the code "SJ0058" to get 20% discount on your membership.

Advantages of Dineout’s Gourmet Passport over Zomato Gold:

1. The most significant advantage is Dineout’s payment platform that rewards you for every payment you make at the restaurant. If the restaurant is registered in "Dineout Pay", you can use upto 50% of your Dineout earnings to pay the bill. So, you can literally save up to 50% without buying any subscription. Click here to know more about how to earn these dineout earnings.

2. Dineout gives you up to 10% cashback on loading the wallet. You can use this wallet amount to pay the bills at the restaurants.

3. You can use more than one coupon at one go. So, if you are a group of 6 people, you can unlock three coupons and redeem the benefit for all the 6 diners. You can redeem a maximum of 3 coupons in one go. With Zomato Gold, you need to have 3 subscriptions for availing the same offer for 6 diners.

4. Dineout’s Gourmet Passport is far economical & you can use your existing credits to buy it (Offer valid for a limited period).

Pro Tip: You can use the code “HSRF3” to signup for Dineout, get 200 credits & use these credits to signup for Gourmet Passport.

5. The best advantage that Gourmet Passport has on Zomato Gold is that it can be redeemed on Buffet too. Dineout has the best restaurants listed for buffet wherein you can avail 1+1. It covers mostly all 4 & 5 star hotel restaurants too.

Signup on Dineout using this code “HSRF3” and get 200 credit points. Also, you will get a 20% discount using this code if you signup for Dineout’s Gourmet Passport.

Why did I choose to have both?

I belong to the category of people who frequently eat out, and I usually like to try all kinds of restaurant. Having both Zomato Gold & Dineout Gourmet Passport broadens my options of the restaurants where I can avail benefits at & for that restaurant that accept both, I have the luxury to select from the best offer. Since both of them are priced nominally, your cost of the subscription will get covered in a max 5 visits, and since it's valid for the entire year, you will be able to extract value out of it, even if you eat out just once a month.

You can use a friend/family's subscription if you can't remember the last time you ate out or if you are sure you would use it lesser than once a quarter. For everyone else, it makes better sense to get your own subscription.

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