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A Petite Girl's Guide To Rocking Maxi Dresses

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

I am vertically challenged. If you are wondering what that means then in simple terms refers to a petite person. I am 159.5 cms which is below the average height in a lot of countries. I didn't take this "petite girls look even shorter in maxi dresses" seriously & I don't recall spending any time thinking about special clothing just for short people. I wasn't surprised when people asked me for tips on how to wear long dresses & skirts despite being petite until recently. I just found out that "maxi dresses for short girls" is one of the highest ranking keywords while you search for maxi dresses & I somehow felt compelled to write about this.

I have always found maxi dresses really stylish & forgiving at the same time. For as long as I can remember maxi dresses have been a part of my wardrobe. I have worn them in almost all seasons & all kinds of occasions (parties, weddings, vacation, get togethers etc). They can be one of the most flattering outfit in your wardrobe if you just know how to style it right.

I would like to share a couple of hacks that would help you rock your maxi dress look.


I cannot stress enough on the importance of getting the right length of the maxi dress. You don't want it to be overwhelming. It is best if they fall on your ankle but if that's not available, look for the one that would fall right on the back of your toe. This would ensure that it's comfortable at all times, despite the choice of your footwear & no matter how long you have to walk.


Although the dress is meant to be a comfy size but one of the ways you can find out If the maxi dress is too big for you is by looking at the size of the armhole. It should be big enough that you can freely move your hands & not so big that it ends up exposing your bra straps.


There are two types of necklines that works best for petite girls. The V neckline & the one shoulder halters. While the former works best for busty petites, the latter are perfect for a skinny one. Both the necklines gives the illusion of a longer torso.


Slit is not only something that looks sexy but is also helps a petite woman look taller as your legs tend to look longer. If you want your legs to look taller then opt for a maxi dress that has a defining slit & if you want your torso to look longer then opt for a V or a halter neckline.


The kind of shoes that let your feet be open & probably are a little strappy are the ones that goes the best with maxi dresses. I generally like to wear the ones that have a teeny bit of heel to it so that I appear taller but if you are want to go for a more comfy look then flats work just fine. Just make sure they aren't fully covered. Try & not opt for the pointy-toe pumps as they kind of look awkward with a maxi dress.

Patterns & Textures

I know this is last on my list but it's pretty important. This is probably the first thing that people notice. I honestly feel that block colors work the best. . The darker ones makes you look sleeker but if you are small, any color works just fine. The market's filled with printed maxi dresses & they just seem unavoidable so, if you are petite like me, a smaller print would look much better. The bigger print look better on taller & broader people.

Lastly, put on your best smile & have fun with your style. It's most important to feel comfortable & sexy in whatever you choose to wear. There are always a million ways to style any outfit, choose the one that's a reflection of your personality & you will never feel awkward.

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