• Saakshi Jain

50 days of being an entrepreneur!

There's a question that had stuck with me for years altogether: "When was the last time you did something for the first time?". Officially, just around 2 months ago.

This post is more of a chronicle of the last 50 days of what people usually say as 'being your own boss'. I am a person who has worked since I graduated from my MBA college at 22.

I went from being at the bottom-most level of the pyramid to heading a department & then a couple of departments. I am deeply passionate about work so much so that I couldn't take an extended break when I was even getting married. A lot of my well-wishers have told me that I should have taken a break to enjoy a little before commencing the next phase of the life, but honestly, I never felt the need to do so and it's been more than a decade and there have been tiny pauses, just to recalculate & move forward, until now.

Honestly, it didn't feel a lot different when I just started. Maybe because I am pretty used to working from home a couple of times in a month while I was working full time & that helped me set the discipline.

Today I have finished 50 days of being an entrepreneur while I do sometimes terribly miss getting the constant income or the sheer pleasure of shopping without checking the bank balance, this just-started journey has been more rewarding than anything that I have ever done over the years. We have just got started, but I now make it a point to celebrate the small joys like getting an office space, hiring our first employee, closing 100 clients etc.

I won't lie. It's hard. Sometimes I do question everything; all my decisions, but there are always brighter days; days that make it all look worthwhile. My bank balance woes become feeble when I receive thank-you calls & messages from the customers and it's the fuel that keeps me going & although its a long way that we need to walk, I am more than thankful to all the people who were kind enough to give us a chance, support us when we tumbled and for always having our back.

I want to pay it forward & if you are someone who is at the edge waiting for a sign to take the plunge & you stumbled upon this post, then this is it. It is the sign you have been waiting for. I hope this little post of mine inspires you to try something new & you can count on me. I would love to hear your story & help out. All you have to do is reach out.

For now, I will leave you with the same question I started with: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Do share all your responses in the comment.

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