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10 reasons why I chose to design my website on Wix over Squarespace, Wordpress, Muse & Godaddy

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Business of all sizes needs a website. While there’s no shortage of platforms that you can choose from but variety can also be a curse I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer array of options but I was determined to put an end to my daily struggle of managing my Wordpress website. I learned to custom code the website, a complete DIY wasn’t my default choice, but I did it because that was the only option to get the design of my choice. I chose Wordpress themes, changed their code to match my style, but the website still was far from what I had envisioned. Last year, with much reluctance, I switched to Wix, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made last year. I wanted to address all the questions I have received about Wix platform & so this blog is dedicated to Wix.com, and I have some extraordinary exclusive offer (Hint: 90% discount) for you. So stay tuned! Wix has hosted a whopping 180 million websites and is one of the most significant players in the website building landscape but that’s not it, here are my top 10 reasons why you should choose Wix to build your website.

The UI is a breeze

There’s a saying that marketers think in visuals. I can’t agree more. I am a person who would take who likes to spend time on every aspect of the creative. I have literally spent all my time on placing every single element across the screen space before shortlisting the final placement. Wix allows me to do all this in a jiffy & is very stable with all the zillion iterations I make on my posts. The UI is pretty intuitive & thankfully, doesn’t need any tiring tutorials to learn how to use the platform. Wix is a great place to start, especially if you are designing your website for the first time.

Easy collaboration

If you are a team who collectively is looking at the upkeep of the website, you can simply add the members as a collaborator & they can easily make the changes with a little background. We had done that for one of our other websites & it turned out great EVERY time. Wix has made it possible for everyone to create a website of their own without having any technical knowledge. Whatever your skill level is, Wix’s powerful template editor helps you design & customise the website without writing a single piece of code. It also has a drag & drop interface that makes it super convenient to build the site with the elements you like.

It's Secure

This is something we tend to overlook but having a secure server to host your website is essential in the online world where your data can be easily exposed. I have struggled my way through WordPress plugins, but it has been made super easy by Wix as they have a set of approved plugins that can be used. This ensures complete peace of mind knowing that all the loopholes in the plugin will be taken care of by the Wix technical team.

It’s quick

My friends used to talk about designing their own website, but they used to dread it when they saw me burning the midnight oil to maintain the site. This was all before I switched to Wix. Still they wouldn’t believe me so I literally coerced them to set it up in front of me & here’s my favourite line from all that my friends said: I am genuinely surprised that you used to spend your day’s & night’s working on your website, I have just been at it for like an hour, and I think it’s nearly done! Was it just an excuse you used to curl up in your bed? I wish, I so wish, but sadly, I was spending all my waking hours to move my website somehow closer to my vision & being a non-techie didn’t help. A lot of days I will mess it up so bad that I will just be undoing everything I did that day, but with Wix, I have super flexibility of putting together the things I like, in the way I want and change it with the changing trends.

It’s free

While there are One of the super sticky reason to build the website on Wix.com is that it allows you to use their editor free of charge. You can use Wix for free for as long as you want if you are looking to make an essential website to start with or are just experimenting with the platform. It has something for everyone.

There are two ways to make your website using a classic template website builder or an AI platform builder. Wix’s traditional template builder lets you choose from nearly endless templates that they have for every industry.

Ever growing App Market

Wix has a stellar app marketplace that allows you to install plugins of all styles. The built-in tools are pretty amazing too, but they can’t do everything. Fortunately, you can always bank on their App Market. Wix App Market contains hundreds of third-party site features that make your already beautiful website, stellar. There’s a one-click installation of tools & which fills the void that the built-in tools might create. It has plugins that you can add to your Wordpress or extensions that can be added to Chrome. Wix Apps are pretty popular. I have only seen this app market growing & they make it pretty simple for you to search for the right plugin.

The ‘Option' to code

I have highlighted the word option because it isn’t required. They have a lot of customisable elements, including templates. Still, every business has a specific need, and if you are someone who prefers coding than hunting the right aspect, you can opt for WixCode. WixCode editor lets you input, edit & move your code any way you prefer so that you can always get the perfect website. Not just this, anything you add is automatically SEO compatible. Can you ask for more?

Customer service

Wix has created a robust troubleshooting forum with detailed answers to all the frequently asked questions & if there’s something you still need help with, you can email them. They are super responsive & competent.

Compatible across devices

The world is fast becoming mobile-first & hence it’s imperative to have a website that can be easily accessed across devices like smartphones, tablets & desktop. With Wix, you can make your design mobile responsive just with a few clicks. Not only this, the essential elements like font size for phones or rearrangement of various components are automatically set right by Wix.


I wanted to keep this for the last just in case you are still on the fence & contemplating whether to opt for this or not. There are so many things you need to do for running a successful business; building a website should be the least of your worry. Wix has excellent options that suit business of all sizes. Get the most out of it with this 90% discount link. Click on the banner below. Build a website of your dreams & when you do, share it with me.


Wix makes it super easy to create a stunning website in no time. It gives you an option to customise extensively using drag & drop elements which I have found more potent than any other platform. Wix constantly upgrades its platform, and it is one of the most stable platforms for launching & customising their website quickly. Wix has templates for all kinds of business, SEO & marketing tools with a lot of plugins that can help you scale. Wix’s stellar customer support outweighs the fact that there’s no live chat option available on it. Wix gives you 14 days no questions asked money-back guarantee & right now you could get a 90% discount for upgrading your site. It’s true. You can now upgrade your website for just Rs. 29/- per month that’s lesser than a rupee per day. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a whirl & when you do, tell me all about it. Click on the banner below to get started today!

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