Disclaimer: I must admit, this is awkward. For all the talking I do, I am still not great at talking about myself. So, I am giving it my most sincere shot & hopefully this would help you know me better & deeper.  
Hi! I'm Saakshi.
 A serious marketer, an explorer, an artist, a foodie, a fashionista & most importantly, a deal-catcher.

Since as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by a diverse set of things & while kids around me hoped to excel at one art, I wanted to try my hands on as many things as possible. I like to travel, meet new people & help them & I enjoy making things. I have tried my hands on multiple things like swimming, yoga, zumba, classical musical, instrument playing, learning different languages & cooking but I usually describe myself as a “Deal-catcher" & “A queen of all traits".  

I am a passionate marketer by the day since last 11 years & have worked with both startups & corporates . I am diverse interests & I write about almost all of them. There are a lot of passions that I explore & it dwindles with time, however, there are a few of them which have always stuck around with me. A few of them are: Cooking, Dancing & Travelling (not necessarily in that order). 

Just like the name of my blog, my life is filled with paradoxes. Being true to my sun sign I aim to balance & don multiple hats but sometimes (actually more often than I tell people), I lose my balance & swivel my way through misbalance & try to return things to equilibrium.

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